Only some of the member and client stories we have seen …

“Btw, your team at TaxPro are great! Thanks” -Boris Musheyev (11/29/17)

Great Team

“Your team at TaxPro is great! Thanks”

Boris Musheyev (11/29/17)

Engaged Clients

“People keep coming up to me saying – ‘I love your newsletter’! It’s all I hear from my clients right now.”

Jennifer Allen

Very Impressive

“The website is VERY impressive! With each contact, we are reinforced with the knowledge, this is the right decision for our on-line presence.”

Lynn Behm 

Beyond Amazing

“Your staff is doing beyond amazing and beyond call of duty!”
Boris Musheyev

Increased Website Traffic

“We have really noticed a difference in calls and increased website traffic. We ask people how they found us and many are mentioning that they found our new website. We’re very pleased with our services so far.”
Godwin Obimah

I’m loving my Twitter posts!!!!

…The Twitter posts completely reflect my personality, as if I sent them myself. I actually have to stop and look and see if “I” sent the post, so thank you.

Jennifer Michaels

Looking forward to a long term relationship…

…It’s been a very busy and profitable tax season so far and a major reason for that is the marketing and support that you provide to me I’m glad I invested in your services and am looking forward to a long term relationship.

Jeffrey Campbell CPA

Good news!

…the SEO stuff your team does must be working because I have had a lot of new clients over the last 6 months coming to my office due to finding us on a Google search.

Laura J. Hanlon

Nate: We are hard to please

… but your team has pleased us, in spite of some disasters, with the Email Program and Social Media for FB and Twitter.

Craig Carr, CPA, Long Beach, CA

Your marketing is great!

I’ve been strongly impressed with your services. I signed up, on a whim, thinking I would cancel as soon as the trial was over. Imagine my surprise, when I discovered that your marketing is great! I may keep you guys around, for longer than I’d first thought. Thanks!

Carol Thomas, EA, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you

Thank you for the great emails.

Nancy Hall, CPA Tucson, AZ

Thanks for your help with the email marketing

Thanks for your help with the email marketing. I have been getting lots of responses from the “When the IRS comes a’knocking”
email that went out earlier today. Thanks again.

Nadine Riley

Excellent Written Communication


Nate and his crew do a great job of keeping up my social media!  I’m uneducated on the whole area. They speak like I do and alert me of clients’ posts. I’d be lost without them.


My trust in you and your firm is something I’ve rarely experienced in my career

My trust in you and your firm is something I’ve rarely experienced in my career. Looking forward to moving forward

Michael Kessler, CPA 
Hauppauge, NY

You do a GREAT JOB

I really like the emails and have had good feedback from my clients! I’m looking forward to referrals coming during tax season.  You & your team do a great job with the content and making the emails about relationship and not tax technical tips!

I don’t have anything additional to add as far as serving me better.  You do a GREAT JOB!  Anytime I have had a question, I get a reply from your staff in a very timely manner.  You are all easy to work with!

Laura Hanlon
Conway, AR

I am so glad that I found you

Wow, thanks so much, this is so great and it just keeping getting better and better!  I’m telling you, I am so glad that I found you all Taxpromarketer(team).

Lillian Bowman
Brooklyn, NY

Thank you for doing such a great job

I looked at my numbers thru August this year and I have already surpassed my revenue for all of last year and that doesn’t include any of my [ancillary] monies, just straight acct & tax.
So, just a thank you for doing such a great job.

Kyle Nagy, CPA
Kansas City, MO

The one word I would use to describe him is: Integrity

I’ve had the privilege of not only using Nate’s services, but also meeting and getting to know him in person. The one word I would use to describe him is: Integrity. That is not a word I throw around lightly. It shows through in everything Nate does. The quality of his copy is outstanding and he and the team he has in place have been very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I’ve had.

Mike Lichterman
Grand Rapids, MI

Nate’s Copy-Writing and Marketing Skills Helped Grow My Business Three-Fold

Nate Hagerty has directly helped me grow my tax business three-fold with his copy-writing and marketing skills. Thanks to one of his live presentations, I was also able to avoid 7 significant pitfalls most business owners fall prey to. BUT the most awesome thing is that I am able to take what I learn from him and apply it to myother business. Most people don’t realize what works in one business will work in other businesses! When I get to pick Nate Hagerty’s brain it’s like getting two for one!

Michael Gray
Ridgeland, MS

A surge of testimonials, referrals, and growth

Thanks for all of the great things you and the team are doing to help us grow the biz. We really have experienced a surge of testimonials, referrals, and growth as a result. We saw our client base grow by 10% this year!

Best regards,

Mike Ornelas
Chief Marketing Officer/Office Manager
Sacramento, CA

Drive traffic to your website and ultimately to your cash register

Enclosed, find a note I sent to my associate…

“Hi Veronica,

I have signed up for this service. It’s terriffic. The email program is a must. The emails go out weekly…you can edit them before they are sent. I have received more comments, and referrals in the past few weeks than the sum total in all the years we have been in business from this service.

This is a complete package designed to drive traffic to your website and ultimately to your cash register.”

Tom N Bass, EA
Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute
Santa Ana, CA

A wonderful help

You guys have been a wonderful help.

Tyreese Williams
Oswego, IL

I’ve definitely been pleased

The tax prep industry may have been down in general this year, but our numbers appear to have been solidly up! Thanks to using your services the last few months, I’ve received an average of at least 2-3 responses to my emails every week, plus interactions on Twitter and Facebook. Most taxpayers don’t even remember who in the hell prepared their taxes last year, but I’ve got people calling, facebooking, emailing, and actually reading my information on a weekly basis—and responding! That gives us the chance to sell them on our other services of course, which is great.

I was so busy this March and April, I didn’t even have time to implement the great strategies Nate provided on March’s client coaching call for getting more business in the door. When you’re making 20, 30, 40 phone calls a day… How do you fit in more client calls than that? I’ve definitely been pleased.

Jim Cantwell
Silver Spring, MD

I love these weekly emails

Hi guys,

Wow – I got this note after sending out this week’s email on Charitable Giving:

“I enjoyed our meeting today. This message reminded me of the work I am doing with the (*organization*). Your message of the role an attorney can play in this area is right on! This is just one more topic we can touch on in our meeting on Friday.”

Needless to say, we had a lot to talk about (because this is an area where I have a lot of personal interest) and plan to spend much of my time in.

I love these weekly emails with a wide variety of subjects because it “automatically” pre-qualifies certain individuals when they respond with expression of their own interest in a particular subject matter (which they share with me).

Thank you – keep up the good work!

Naperville, IL

My first round of tax season follow-up emails has proven you right!

I listened to your coaching calls this tax season and I got a lot out of them – good use of time.

You said even towards the end of tax season “get new clients in and get the work out for them…..” or words to that effect. My position always was – prior to this year – I just can’t take new clients that late in the game bkz I’m overwhelmed just trying to get out the ones already in house. But, I did what you said. And, I tried to get as many of my “old” clients returns done more quickly than usual so that I’d have some time slots that last week or so.

My first round of tax season follow-up emails has proven you right! They were impressed that I was able to get their tax returns filed without an extension and they all realized they came in very late and promised to come in early next year. Thanks for all your guidance, Nate.

And one of the things I really like about working with your team is that I can talk with REAL people when I need to. Technology is GREAT but sometimes you want to hear from a live person. Plus, if you hadn’t called today I wouldn’t have known that you can handle blogging for me on my existing website (‘cuz I sure wouldn’t know what to do!) as well as the other services you’re already handling. Plus, everyone is so nice. Melissa has held my hand many times and walked me through things I knew I needed to do but didn’t understand. Becky was Johnny-on-the-spot with changes to Facebook when I finally got around to taking a closer look and wanted to add some things and make my company name stand out for the locals. Nicole has also been a gem to work with. Hope I’m not leaving anyone out!

Take care. Hope Nate gets back home with his girls real soon.

Pam Britz
Sugarland, TX

Keep up the good work

Nice summary of the call Nate! Still getting positive comments on the emails, so keep up the good work.

Michael G. Murray CPA
Libertyville, IL

 Had to shut down the faucet

I actually had to shut down the faucet this tax season, because your email marketing had retained every single client I wanted to retain (and then some). On top of the referrals I know it has generated, the notoriety I’ve established in my local market and the weekly compliments I receive from my clients, my plate is too full.

Please put your services on hold, until further notice and I want to ‘turn it back on again’. I’m too busy!

Michael J. Dobrowski CPA LLC
Reno, NV

Thanks again for your “over the top” service

WOW! SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS!! Thanks again for your “over the top” service.

Elton Hudson
Winston-Salem, NC

Your newsletter generated many phone calls and compliments

Your newsletter generated many phone calls and compliments from our clients in just the few days after the first issue came out. I am already looking forward to the next issue.

Steve Deifendeifer
Lima, OH

Just wanted to let you know how fast good things work

Just wanted to let you know how fast good things work.  I received my prospect copies of the first newsletter on Wednesday afternoon.  Now, I had filled out my mailing list with some prospects I had been wanting to market to but never got around to and one of them called me that Wednesday evening.  I will be doing his incorporation, Quickbooks setup and training tomorrow and handling all of his future quarterly and annual filings.

Not bad I think.  Can’t wait for next Month!

Tim Veurink
Lockport, IL

Outstanding Service!

I was very impressed with the quickness of response by your associates in answering questions and solving problems with the newsletter.  I was so grateful. Outstanding service!


Elaine Kraft
Warminster, PA

Great work!!!!

The newsletter is quite a success in my little corner of the world.  Several great comments, but the most telling was “it was not done on throw away paper.  I was compelled to open it.”  Just what we all want with our mail.

Great work!!!!

Judy Meyer
Ft Collins, CO

Good job, Nate!

Here is an email I got from a client after receiving the newsletter. Good job, Nate!

“Hey Gerard, I think the news letter is just great, especially reading the 13 facts about you. Quite a guy and finally someone who can make the IRS back up and whimper. Just want you to know this is a good advertisement.  See you soon.” -Jim

Gerard F. Cannito, CPA PA
Denver, NC

This new newsletter is dynamite stuff–just what I needed

This new newsletter is dynamite stuff–just what I needed.  The selling possibilities it affords during the off season and the bonding it provides with clients and prospects are truly exciting.

William Constance
Hayward, CA

Your newsletter is awesome.

Nate, here’s a comment from one of my clients:

Your newsletter is awesome.  I’m passing it around in our weekly Read-N-Pass at our office.  I’m curious, did you write that or is that from a 3rd party? Because it’s great!”

I am really impressed with the content of the information contained in the newsletter. It is both entertaining and informing which should appeal to my clients. Although the phone does not ring off the hook with the offers made, it does ring. A little bit is better than nothing. Keep up the good work.

Billy Barton
Clayton, NC

Creating a lot of excitement among both the staff and my clients

The newsletter is great!  This has energized my staff and is creating a lot of excitement among both the staff and my clients.  I have had several calls just to tell me how much they like the letter.  Here is a sample of the response I have received:

“Wow, we really enjoyed your newsletter.  It made us laugh, it made us think, it made us wonder “What has he been drinking?” Fun stuff.  I hope it brings you tons of new business.”

Kelli Levey

Thank you so much for developing this tool

I would have to be brain dead not to take advantage of the opportunities this is going to create.  Thank you so much for developing this tool.

Roy Bowman
College Station, TX

My hat is off to you

You guys have done a fantastic job.  My hat is off to you.  This is wonderful and so much fun…thanks again!

James Oliver
Cleveland, OH

This Newsletter is the BEST tool yet

I was out of my office yesterday, the 19th, and when I got to the office today, my receptionist said she received 7 phone calls on the trivia question. That’s great!  Some of the clients said they really liked the newsletter.  This Newsletter is the BEST tool yet, I think it will help to double my tax business over the next two tax seasons.

Thanks Nate!

Ray Whisenant
Arab, AL

The office phone, which is normally quiet this time of the year, was ringing constantly!

I was going to e-mail you yesterday morning to ask when I should expect the newsletter to make it to my clients mail boxes. Well I got the answer later in the day. My receptionist, who happens to be my daughter Melissa, called me on my cell phone asking what the heck was going on! The office phone, which is normally quiet this time of the year, was ringing constantly!

Alfred Burgos, EA
Rochester, NY

Fence of protection around my herd

I want to thank you for the opportunity to put a fence of protection around my herd. For several years I have thought about sending those professional letters that only have confusing tax talk.Your newsletter is entertaining yet at the same time letting my clients know I care about them. They call me and say keep those newsletters coming while also referring their friends. Before long I’ll have to push the fences out as the herd grows!

Thanks Nate!

Tom Tudisco
Rochester, NY

We have been getting raving reviews from our clients

I think the newsletter is GREAT! We have been getting raving reviews from our clients who say they enjoy reading the newsletter, as the information contained in them has been “real food for thought” and “down to earth”, likewise they look forward to the next months issue, especially the trivia question(s).

Fred Johnson
Lansdowney, PA

In just a few days of mailing, the newsletter paid for itself 3 times over.

Nate, In just a few days of mailing, the newsletter paid for itself 3 times over. Looks like I’m going to busy in the off season with a couple of new business setups and training. I always knew I needed a newsletter but was too lazy to do it. I can’t wait for next month!

Tim Veurink
Lockport, IL

Smashing newsletter

Several people have commented on the cute, smashing newsletter.

William Constance
Hayward, CA

Praises for a job well done

I do not remember if I conveyed this to you or not.  When I sent out my tax organizers, on the “additional info” page, I asked if the client was receiving our weekly emails.  If the answer was no, I invited them to give me their email address and assured them if they did not enjoy the emails they could unsubscribe at any time.  I also assured them that they came without cost.  I picked up quite a few new email addresses during tax season this way.  In the organizer I went one step further and asked those that were receiving the emails to rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being thoroughly enjoy and read them all and 1 being “remove me from your email list immediately”.  I received no 1’s or 2’s; a smattering of 3’s; and the rest pretty much divided between 4’s and 5’s.  I did not ask for comments but some folks felt moved to comment anyway.  Most comments were praises for a job well done.  One comment was a request to “dedicate a news letter to a guide to protecting identity”.  (This person gave us a 5.)

And then there was this. A client left me in 2007 for undisclosed reasons.  I inquired, as I always do, when a client leaves but all I got back was a terse email saying “I can not put my frustrations into words”.  This person had been a client for nine years and represented around $10,000 in annual billings.  His comment haunted me and I did a whole bunch of mental replaying attempting to identify why he left.  Well, when I signed up for your email program, I decided to include this ex-client just to keep my name in front of him.  As you said at one time, the email gives us access to the person’s inner sanctuary.  Well, this person responded to this week’s email with a very short: “when you get a moment, could you call me?”  I called and we talked for about an hour.  And he is back.  I know in my heart of hearts that it would not have happened had I not been there every week.  And he did mention that he understands the marketing aspect of it but he still thought it was special how it was individualized with his name.

So thanks! And keep up the Great Work!

Oh, and I did stretch the truth a little in the first paragraph above.  I did actually receive a rating of 1 from one client.  Not a good sign right?  So I called the client.  They misread the question and absolutely did not want to be taken off the list.  They thought they were giving us the highest score.

Ron Fassett, CPA
Greenville, PA

There is no way that I could duplicate the results on my own for the same cost

Feel free to use our information however you think best fits your purposes.

We are a small tax practice, running about 150 or so returns a year, and have been in this business for about 8 years.  We tend to have individuals who have either self-employment included in their income, or need assistance with things like higher levels of employee expenses or investment activities.  We also have a number of small businesses that we work with, mainly S-corps, that require year round service.

We heard Nate speak last summer in L.A., and the newsletter proposal struck a chord with us.  We had made attempts at putting out a newsletter on a semi-regular basis, but finding content, setting up an attention-getting format, and all the other work that goes into it – well, there always seemed to be something more important to get to before working on the newsletter.  So we probably did 2 or 3 mailouts over the course of 2 years.  Not exactly the way to keep your clients involved.  And with knowing that we were moving our offices in November (which went well), and wanting to grow our practice we decided to give Nate’s proposal a try.

Since we started with the Rancher Letter, we have been very pleased with the results.  Mainly, the result that a newsletter goes out every month, whether or not we have the time to make it happen.  But when we do want to get specific content to our clients, it’s so easy to fit it in the newsletter format.  Actually, lately there has been less temptation to want to change content, because of the quality of the content provided.  The only content changes we’ll be making are for issues specific to our company – like promoting our services other than the tax services.  We have been active in college planning, business consulting and incorporation activities as well, and the newsletter gives us a great platform to cross sell these services to our tax-only clients.

We now have regular calls coming in because of the newsletter (who would have thought that so many folks would want to answer trivia questions?) and would have to say that it will remain as a core marketing tool for us.  And there is no way that I could duplicate the results on my own for the same cost.

Let me know if there is anything else that you may be looking for.  Thanks for the chance to talk about us – that’s something that everyone enjoys doing.

Bill Perlette
Murrieta, CA

It’s very newsworthy

From a client:

“We enjoy reading “The Tri-State Family Wealthy and Wise Newsletter” every month –its very news worthy. We also appreciate the good tax tips. I like Trivia Challenges every once in a while.  Some are harder than others but last month’s was right in my ball park!  AND, I won!  Sharon and I will enjoy lunch at Green Mill.  Thanks!”
~Ed Parkin – Hastings, MN.

Dave & Jolinda Schreiber
Albert Lea, MN

Proven to be one of the most effective client retention instruments I have ever used

The newsletter has proven to be one of the most effective client retention instruments I have ever used.  Virtually all my clients brought in a discount coupon when they dropped off their taxes.  My referrals were up 30%.  I attribute this to the newsletter, as most had their coupon in hand when they arrived at my office.

I am no longer shy about getting addresses and adding people to the list.   I figure if they don’t like it , they will tell me.  No one has asked to be removed.  Obviously not an obnoxious piece of mail.  I put copies in the foyer that I share with other businesses.  The copies always seem to disappear which is a good sign.

Since one is supposed to touch clients a minimum of once a month, I have found this to be the least painful, most cost effective way to maintain contact.  I believe that  it has helped me retain border line clients  (those that I was sure were gone, but magically appeared on my doorstep the next year).

Judith E. Meyer, CPA
Ft Collins, CO

Very positive responses from our 1040 clients 

I have received very positive responses from our 1040 clients regarding the monthly newsletter.  They are extremely happy to call and answer the Trivia questions just to see if they have the right answer, even if they didn’t win.  Winning is a plus. Also all the great cartoons hit home as well as the tax advise monthly.  Keep up the good work.

Rita M. Weiss
Denville, NJ

It is such a great way to reach out to our current clients.

We have been using Herdbuilder since late 2007.  Since then we have had more contact throughout the year with our current clients than before we used the newsletter.  We get all kinds of feed back on how they love the contents and the trivia contests each month.  They have used the coupons that were offered during the tax season and some that were offered off of tax season.  We even used it to announce our move and our Open House, which was good because some of the clients had not opened their invitation.  We are now using it to promote our 1st annual holiday party and the new service our office is offering, college planning.  We love that we can use or change the contents in it each month.  It is such a great way to reach out to our current clients.

I don’t mind speaking to anyone that has questions about it.  You do a great job and have always worked with us.


Sarah J. Owen-Rubio
San Jose, CA

I love the newsletter

I love the newsletter and our clients do also.

Steve Lomsdalen
Phoenix, AZ

Sending out the monthly newsletter is our way of staying in touch 

About a year ago – Nate introduced us to the Wealthy & Wise Newsletter and I was very interested.  It was a way for us to touch base with our clients with little additional work.  We really enjoy, appreciate and treasure the clients we have – especially those who have stayed with us over the years.  We don’t want to take these special people for granted.  Sending out the monthly newsletter is our way of staying in touch and letting them know we are still here.

Jolinda Schreiber
Albert Lea, MN

Thanks for delivering beyond expectations.

Thanks for the templates. I am working on them as we speak – using the Publisher template.

I can already see the tremendous potential benefit this has in building our business.

Again, thanks for all of your help. We are excited about the possibilities of Wealthy and Wise. Thanks for delivering beyond expectations.

Elton Hudson
Winston-Salem, NC

I have gotten positive feedback, and referrals

Hey guys – just wanted to let you know the printed monthly newsletter is working out pretty well for me so far.  I have been sending since January – as you know I do my own production and send it out to our firm’s individual tax clients at their home address – I have gotten positive feedback, and referrals.

Exactly what I needed, thank you very much! This is truly a very local list.  None of these names are clients, but many I know are neighbors!


Ernie Neve, CPA, MCP
Plymouth Meeting, PA

I am very impressed

Thank you again for your help!  I am very impressed with the newsletters and my clients and I enjoy reading them!!!!

Flerida Cuison St. Aubin, CPA, CTC
Chula Vista, CA

My clients really enjoy the print newsletter.

Thank you very much for your help.  My clients really enjoy the print newsletter. I get  alot of positive comments on it. Thank you,

Richard Lake
Phoenix, AZ 

Nothing but praise

I have nothing to say except that your emails and newsletters you have been doing for me have been exceptionally well done. I have nothing but praise for it. When I started with you I have to say I was a bit skeptical about it, but now like mentioned to your associate Troy that I have no intentions to ever interrupt them from going to my clients and prospects.If my client miss it anytime (which I think they accidentally delete) they call me to let me know that they did not get them. One of them even went to tell me that they have been added to read in peace emails in none other place other than his throne room. He says he does his best reading there. So keep them coming and I wish you the very best and it is nothing less than a marvel as to the material you come up with for them. And best of all it makes me stand out amongst my competition.


Amit Chandel
Norwalk, CA

It’s already working

The early results are starting to come in.  This came this morning from one of my clients:

“my experience, over many years, has been that you and your staff are very professional tax consultants.  i would strongly recommend your services to anyone.  the tax guide that you provide each year is very helpful in successfully completing my taxes in a timely manner.  your service is valued and timely.
i look forward to reading your email tax tips and real world personal strategy messages, ron.” -nick

It’s already working.  And yes, I would like to see revenue growth with this “campaign”.  But just as important is solidifying and deepening the relationships with our current client base.

Ron Fassett, CPA
Greenville, PA

I continue to be impressed with your all’s customer service

First off I want to let you know that I continue to be impressed with your all’s customer service. Having a background in customer service (and continuing that as a Personal Family Lawyer), service at the level you all provide is VERY hard to come by.  Nicole has been great!

Thanks again Troy,

Mike Lichterman
Grand Rapids, MI

 I got my existing client contact me for a new estate plan

As a result of last week’s note, I got my existing client contact me for a new estate plan (due to her recent marriage) and this compliment on the note contents:

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the “Strategy Note” and thought it contained some great advice.
I also wanted to let you know that I have just recently returned from my wedding and honeymoon and I am officially a married woman now! Here is a link where you can view some of the photos if you want.
I know it would be good time to review my living trust now that my status has changed, let me know how I should proceed.
I hope all is well with you.”

Needless to say, I am impressed – a client taking initiative to get a new estate plan! (in large part, I am sure, due to my regular contact providing value). Thank you again!

Naperville, IL

My clients really enjoy it

I love using your newsletter service and my clients really enjoy it as well. It has really helped connect with my clients.

Stephen Lomsdalen, ChFC, CFS, CIS
Scottsdale, AZ

I know they are reading it

Our clients really enjoy the newsletters and send us questions about topics that are covered so I know they are reading it.

Martha Echols
Birmingham, AL

You are doing a great job. Keep it up.

We have gotten a lot of feedback-All positive about the emails. The clients of course think that I or Dan are the ones creating the bulk of the copy so they appreciate the effort. You are doing a great job. Keep it up.

Rita M. Weiss
Morris Plains, NJ

 E-mail messages are a blast with my clients

Just wanted to give you a quick bit of feedback…  So far it looks like both the newsletter and the e-mail messages are a blast with my clients.  Good, positive feedback on both.


Ed Bove
Union, NJ

Good Job, Good Job!

I have received a great deal of positives feedback and requests for appointments from the Haitian Blue and Haiti/Planning Your Cash Flow emails. Dr. Rosie Milligan, a highly respected community leader, said “excellent”.
Good Job, Good Job!


“LC” Green, Jr.
Long Beach, CA

I greatly appreciate your down-to-earth approach to the field of marketing. 

I greatly appreciate your down-to-earth approach to the field of marketing. I have found that such language makes for hands-down effectiveness. Please send me more info about e-mail marketing, as my office is wanting to incorporate e-mail marketing into our repertoire of marketing tools.


Mike Ornelas
Sacramento, CA

Keep ’em coming!

Here is a reply I just received from one of my email subscribers. He is the gentleman that I wrote to you about yesterday that said he wasn’t receiving all my emails. I thought you would appreciate reading his comments.

“Well stated, Peter.  I like the very concise explanation of the new credit card rules as opposed to some of the long winded articles I’ve read explaining how the new rules affect me.  I also like the use of the word “indices.”  Too often lately I’m seeing and hearing people using the word “indexes” which we both know is the incorrect plural of index.
Keep ’em coming!”

Keep up the good work.

Have a great day.

Peter J. Marchiano, Jr., CPA
Bayville, NJ

It puts us a cut above the other accountants/CPA’s

I have had a lot of good feedback from the weekly emails – client really seem to enjoy them and I feel it puts us a cut above the other accountants/CPA’s who are not doing social networking.  From that standpoint I can say I am satisfied.

Your staff is great and very attentive to my emials.  So I am both impressed and happy with the support I am getting.

I am a big believer in what you are doing for us and know that it will generate business.

W. Bruce Woodard, EA, CFP
Altamonte Springs, FL 

Working great for me



Jim Cantwell
Silver spring, MD

Here are my results

Appreciate your encouragement.

Just FYI here are my results I can attribute to the emails after running your system for the past 4 weeks:

·         Responses from referral sources (all positive):  6
·         New referral sources generated:  1
·         Responses from clients (positive):  6
·         Leads generated:  6
·         Leads converted to prospects (to date):  1


Gary L. Winter
Clovis, CA

I am impressed…two responses and two testimonials!!! 

I just wanted you to know that my “Let’s start a conversation” email went out today. I am impressed…two responses and two testimonials!!! I was not thinking that I would get this kind of response already. Thanks for the motivation and tell Nate it’s working already. Please keep up the good things and my business will keep growing.


John E. Walters, MBA, EA
St. Petersburg, FL

Really happy with the content

Just to let you know 4 people wrote back and said thanks for the information … I am excited. Paul read the new email and is really happy with the content.

Kathleen Staley
San Diego, CA

My goodness, this is amazing! 

I often get positive responses to the weekly emails you write.  I am not sure why, but something told me to forward this [client’s] response to you:

“My goodness, this is amazing! Marianne you are more than a professional, you are purposeful.”
– D.L.W.

I guess as a way of saying ‘thank you’.

Marianne Lindsay
San Diego, CA

Several people  came up to me to say how they enjoyed receiving the emails

Thanks! I was a speaker at at Senator Current Prices,26th Senate District, Business forum.this past Saturday and several people  came up to me to say how they enjoyed receiving the emails.

“LC” Green, Jr.
Long Beach, CA

A terrific job

Hi Everyone!  You are doing a terrific job with the weekly E-mails, the clients really seem to appreciate them!

Rex G. Glover, EA
Grand Ledge, Michigan

Even relatives are raving about these to their friends!

I have gotten so many thanks and appreciation for the e-mails. Even relatives are raving about these to their friends! Thanks for following up on this in a timely manner.

Mike Ornelas
Sacramento CA

Thank you all for doing a great job!

Here is more feedback that I located in my emails, in addition to other non-written feedback I get)  I received from my recipients:

1) This one is from a large (and arguably the most respected)  large CPA firm in a Chicago suburb, from a partner I have been developing  a relationship with:

“I agree very much with your e-mail discussions.
Unfortunately, I’m still trying to catch up to be able to go on vacation Friday.  When I am back on May 11th, I intend to get very active in marketing.  I expect all of our partners to be doing the same.”

2) Another one from a financial advisor referral partner:

“Thanks for your e-mail. I like your subject matter.  I will call you in about a week!”

3) And another one from another advisor:

“We should get together soon and talk about your recent resurgence into marketing and helping your associates and acquaintances. I would like to know more about what brought that on.
Talk to you soon. Thanks again.”

So thank you all for doing a great job!

Naperville, IL

A great impact on my business

I will say that the weekly “done for You” email(s) has had a great impact on my business and the ability to “keep in touch” with clients every week. They even “like” the content of the emails and save them to read again later!

John E. Walters
St. Petersburg, FL

I’m sure glad to be using your services again.

I’m sure glad to be using your services again.  I’ve had many clients wonder what happened to the emails they used to get and want them back.

Jim McClaflin
Grimes, IA

I would call that a quick response

I guess I would call that a quick response to an email. The email I approved at 8 AM got a call from a tax client at 8:15 AM to make an appointment for a year-end review.
I hope this email thing works as good to get new clients.

Jim Waligora
Homewood, AL

This has been really fantastic

We love the e-mails and get clients talking about them all the time.  This has been really fantastic for generating conversations and more referrals.

Thank you for all you have done.

Barry G. Fowler, EA
Houston, TX

Lots of positive comments

My clients love the emails.  We hear lots of positive comments during tax season and definitely hear about it if someone gets missed (they changed email addresses and forgot to tell us, etc).


Jim McClaflin
Grimes, IA

I will have a good evening with association with businesses and people like you.

I actually count myself lucky to get to see how you handle problems.  It’s said that we learn more from our trials and I have certainly learned more about what a class act everyone at Buildaherd is from this.  Yes we would like smooth sailing all the time but that’s just not how it is.

I should be so anxious to tell you how great it your service is each week to be able to come to work and have the high level of writing that is found in the emails and to just have to add a little personal touch and click “approved” and its on its way is great.  And that’s after only three weeks of having the emails.  When I think about how much time it saves me and how much better it is than what I could do on my own I feel very lucky to have found you.  I do believe you when you say “it has never happened before” because I have been in business long enough to have said that a few times myself.

Thanks, I will have a good evening with association with businesses and people like you.

Stephen Peterson, CPA
Orem, UT

Thank you for making me look good?

I want to share a compliment I (you) received this afternoon after sending out this weeks email.  See Below.
I also received a verbal compliment the other day during one of my in-person client appointments.  My client (who is a high school principal) said,

“your emails are so great, I don’t always have time to read them all, but your personality sure shines through”.

Thank you for making me look good?

“I must say, marianne – You are as you have written – awe-inspiring indeed!! I am so very impressed with not only your knowledge, also your style, intelligence and wit in how your transmit your information.
Bravo!!! and thank you for your continual connection. Maybe, just maybe, someday our paths will physically cross again, in the meantime, Pace E Bene – Peace and All Good! – love darcy”

Marianne Lindsay
San Diego, CA

Great concept, great info!!!!!

I listened to your teleconference last week re social media and would like to sign up for the offer.

Thank you, loved the teleconference by the way—great concept, great info!!!!!

Carla DiFranco

I have RAISED my fees and charging what the value we provide Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

We are swamped, thanks to Nate’s program tools. I have received the most amount of referrals (from good clients). I have RAISED my fees and charging what the value we provide Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

John E. Walters
St. Petersburg, FL

Your hard work shows

I have become a fan of Fassett and Associates CPA Inc.  Really – I am a fan of Fassett and Associates CPA, Inc? I like what I am seeing on both Twitter and Facebook.  Your hard work shows – and I just want you to know that I appreciate it.

Ron Fassett, CPA
Greenville, PA

Taken the headache out of social marketing

I, too, love what I do. Helping individuals and business owners take control of their finances and be more efficient with their taxes. Your program at heardbuilder has generated nothing but positive responses and I am sure it will help me build my business. You and your staff have taken the headache out of social marketing and moved me further along than I could have done on my own. I am excites about where our partnership is taking my business. Thank you.

W. Bruce Woodard, EA, CFP
Altamonte Springs, FL

You can’t get any better advertising than that

Thanks for all your help as usual….  I know you’re very busy, but when you get a chance, take a look at my Facebook Business Page. Just look at some of the comments by my client…. You can’t get any better advertising than that. By the way, he loves the emails. He can’t get enough.

I think the Facebook posting that you did for me was the key. One of my clients, Dave Palughi sent it out to all his contacts (hopefully he was not the only one) and that is where most of my fans have come from.

Also, I want you to know that one of my Twitter followers sent me a direct message saying they needed help with their taxes. I’ll keep you posted on that.

As always, thanks for all your help and keep up the good work.

Peter J. Marchiano, Jr., CPA
Bayville, NJ

You guys are great

You guys are great. I wish to have my business running as good as you guys. Thanks a bunch.

Antoine Smith
Rock Hill, SC


Thanks!  (Regarding a Facebook lead) I’ve already spoken with her and set an appointment.

Awesome!  Hope it’s a sign of more to come.

Lawrence Danny CPA
Reseda, CA

It has paid in spades 

Not really a question, but a praise for Nate,Troy and the other staff —  So glad that you convinced me to go over the edge and use email and social media marketing…it has paid in spades for the continous client communication even outside of regular tax season…when it is needed the most. Thanks!

John E. Walters, MBA, EA
St. Petersburg, FL

Things are going a lot better

Hi Nate. Things are going a lot better. I picked up a major audit in Princeton NJ. People are following facebook linkened and they really enjoy the monthly newsletter. I thank you for everything.

Michael Welsh
Cherry Hill, NJ

Going to give her a quote

Thanks! (Regarding a Facebook lead)  I just talked with her.  Going to give her a quote to prepare her biz and personal taxes and maybe some other stuff.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Pam Britz
Sugar Land, TX

I can’t tell you how many clients regularly compliment the e-mails and Facebook page.

You guys definitely do a great job for us. I can’t tell you how many clients regularly compliment the e-mails and Facebook page.

Best regards,

Mike Ornelas
Sacramento, CA

Surprising reaction

I just sent out my first email broadcast (a few hours ago) and already had a surprising reaction:

1)      12 clients opened my email practically right away
2)      2 clients wrote back thanking me for the weekly series and gave me updates on their progress (and asked how I was doing)
3)      another client had this to say: “Hi- I am in CA/AZ until monday and out most of next week however will be checking emails and look forward to staying in touch weekly, sounds like a good idea.”

So I am getting excited about this weekly service and look forward to getting new weekly series!

Thank you!

Naperville, IL

Nothing but nice compliments

You guys have a great product and I get nothing but nice compliments on our web site and emails.

Roger Menden
Shakopee MN

This is how good the web site is working

H&R Block has informed me that they have “Peace of Mind” trademarked and I need to stop using it within 10 days of their certified letter.

So I need my   “Worry-Free-Peace-Of-Mind” Guarantee   changed to   “Erickson’s-Worry-Free” Guarantee   on the web site.   This is how good the web site is working because that’s where they got their evidence from.


Jim K. Erickson
Joplin, MO

Almost everyone I talk to says WOW! 

You guys are doing a GREAT job with our website! Almost everyone I talk to says WOW! and asks how I do it. Being my modest self, as Nate will attest to, I take the credit.?

Seriously, I do tell them about my team behind the scenes. Take care.

Jon C. Neal, CPA, MST, PFS
Greenfield, WI

It’s fantastic!

It’s fantastic! Honestly, I’ve had about 8 to 10 people look at it and I’ve gotten nothing but great feedback. Tell everyone who’s worked on this thank you very much for working so hard on it, and for turning it around so quickly. It’s really great.

Jim McClaflin
Grimes, IA

Likes the” kick in the pants” realization of the content 

Everything looks great and I got a great compliment from a vendor at a meeting that I received an award at yesterday. Very happy thus far with the new system and updates.He said he likes the kick in pants realization of the content instead of the same old hum drum info.


Amy J. Smith
St. Louis, MO

Skyrocket referrals

Thanks so much for this handy note! I never realized that [one of the free tips you provided recently] would skyrocket referrals the way its has.

Thanks again for all you do for tax pros, to stir us up, and spur us on.

Mike Ornelas
Sacramento, CA

Response from my current clients has been outstanding

Talked to my first confirmed new client from your program.  However, the response from my current clients has been outstanding, one even went somewhere else and brought his return in for my review and said that he’d be back next year.  Thanks for your program

W. Bruce Woodard, EA, CFP
Altamonte Springs, FL