Troy Lakey – Chief Operating Officer
Award Winning Beard

Troy joined Nate in building TaxProMarketer four months after its initial inception in 2007 (“HerdBuilder Marketing,” at the time), after providing operational and developmental leadership to various ventures in other industries.  He brings his training and experience in law, ministry, higher education, and other fields to bear as well in his role as TPM’s Chief Operating Officer.
Troy has been involved in helping to create, personally execute, develop and oversee the operations of nearly every role and department in TPM.  He oversees and manages our team, oversees and develops all of our services and operations, and, with Nate, creates vision and direction for the company.
On behalf of TaxProMarketer and its clients, Troy is obsessively focused on ever-improving key results, company culture, efficiencies in systems and procedures, productivity, data-based strategies and improvements, proven marketing and sales strategies, developments in digital marketing, and the growth and flourishing of our team members and clients as people.
Beyond TPM, he deeply enjoys adventuring, traveling and otherwise playing and enjoying time with his beloved wife of 18 years and his four delightful children.  He also takes great pleasure in forests, hiking trails, camping, great food, great coffee, and great craft beer, prayer and meditation, books, theology and philosophy, poetry, science, music and art, writing, thinking, running and strength training and personal development in general, and laughter and deep conversations with friends — among other things, and not necessarily in that order.